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Recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic is a procedure for officially comparing and equating the education received abroad  with the same education in the Czech Republic.



This procedure is carried out by state universities and the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Based on the results of the review, either a decision is made to refuse to recognize the conformity of a foreign education with a similar Czech education, or a certificate is issued on full or partial recognition of the conformity of a foreign education with a Czech education.



Which cases require the recognition of education:


  • Some specialists do not have the right to work in their profession without recognition of education 
  • Without recognition of higher education, it is impossible to get a "Blue card" - a work and stay permit in the Czech Republic
  • If you have a certificate of recognition of a foreign education, the chances of finding a good job in the Czech Republic increase.



In order to be able to apply for recognition of secondary, secondary professional education, the applicant must provide a document confirming that he has a residence permit in the Czech Republic.



It is not necessary to have a residence permit in the Czech Republic to get a recognition of higher education.



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