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In the field of corporate law, we provide our clients with the following services: 


  • Establishment and registration of legal entities of various legal business forms 
  • Sale of ready-made companies registered in the commercial register of the Czech Republic o Legal support of business, development and analysis of contracts
  • Preparation of general meetings of founders o Acquisition and alienation of interests and shares in a company
  • Registration of amendments to constituent documents o Increase or decrease in registered capital
  • Legal audit of documents and transactions o Representation of interests of the client in regulatory authorities
  • Provision of legal address and services of the "virtual office"
  • Preparation of employment contracts with employees
  • Taxation and accounting services
  • Preparation of claims, actions, appeals and applications for judicial review
  • Participation in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts
  • Bankruptcy of legal entities
  • Reorganization and liquidation of legal entities
  • Continuous consulting and providing relevant information to make the optimal business decisions and adapt to constantly changing legal standards
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