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 Reorganisation of a legal entity is a special legal institution that consists in termination of the activity of a legal entity in its former form and its reorganisation by merging (mergers and takeover), splitting or changing its organizational legal forms.



Services for the corporate restructuring (merger, takeover, separation)



  • development of the liquidation schedule, 
  • preparation and verification of contractual documentation – contracts for the transfer of a trading share, shares purchase agreement, contracts of purchase or lease, etc.
  • obtaining all the necessary licenses, permits and consent of all relevant government agencies, introduction of amendments to the commercial register,
  • legal advice in the field of labor relations under the company merger.



Amendments in the corporate establishment documents



The corporate establishment documents must be amended accordingly and registered in the commercial register of the Czech Republic in the following cases:


  • opening a branch of a legal entity,
  • changing legal address,
  • changing the company name,
  • changing the number of Executive Directors of the company,
  • sale of a trading share of one or more founders to third parties,
  • changes in the company's activities,
  • increase or decrease in the authorized capital,
  • bringing the company's constituent documents into compliance with the law of January 1st, 2014 in the Czech Republic No. 90/2012 "On Trade Corporations".






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