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 One of the main directions of our business is representation of clients' interests in cases of legal dispute.

Our principals are both foreign legal entities and individuals who have a dispute within the Czech Republic or with a Czech counterparty as well as Czech legal entities and individuals who need to settle a contentious issue with partners from other countries.

We try to help peacefully settle conflicts that arise. In doing so, we negotiate with counterparties and prepare proposals to settle the situation out of court. If the dispute cannot be settled peacefully, we represent the interests of the client at all stages of the trial and enforcement proceedings.

In this process, we prepare the judicial translation of the documents necessary for application to the court, explain to the client the specifics of the legal proceedings in a foreign country, provide legal advice on Czech law to foreign clients as well as on the law of the country where the trial will take place to Czech clients. We also explain possible risks and evaluate possible financial costs.



We offer the following services in the field of litigation and arbitration: 



  • Representation in negotiations and out-of-court settlement of disputes
  • Determination of the legal position and necessary actions aimed at achieving a positive result for the principal
  • Preparation of documents for appeal to the court
  • Participation in each stage of the trial
  • Obtaining a judicial act or signing a settlement agreement
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings




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