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International Practice


 In the process of collaborative work of companies from different jurisdictions, it becomes necessary to formalise their legal relations in such a way that the legal norms of each jurisdiction and international norms are taken into account in order to avoid contradictions between them.



 One of the main directions of our business is representation of clients' interests in cases of legal dispute.


Redomiciliation of companies Redomiciliation of a company is a procedure for changing the place of registration of a legal entity (domicile) from one jurisdiction to another while maintaining its legal business status and corporate structure.

Enforcement of foreign judgments means the recognition in a foreign state the judgments rendered in another jurisdiction with the same qualities that have entered into force in that jurisdiction, including incontrovertibility, exclusiveness and enforceability.


 The European Union law is a part of international law, it is a system of legal rules governing the relations that arise within the framework of the European Union.

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